You know I usually choke up whenever someone asks me to describe myself. Is it a good thing or a bad thing, you decide. I am an average person born and raised in the big apple who loves to write. My biggest accomplishments thus far are a couple of mathlete trophies, winning a poetry competition and this blog (cheesy but true). Why should you listen to what I have to say, maybe because .... I have for a fortune 500 company, have done eighty hours work weeks, two jobs at once, network marketing and even been unemployed for a extended period of time. What I write comes from my heart and with the best intentions. I consider everyone who reads this blog a friend and I treat my friends better than myself. The site name may confuse you but I am also working on a novel hence the name. Nothing is unobtainable as long as we keep trying, so my books will come soon and you will be able to purchase from this site. Enjoy the ride it might get bumpy at times but with a clear goal in mind we will make it.

                                                               The blogger that's average,