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I’m often asked what made me want to become a writer and the short answer is I loved to read as a child. Sounds lame, I know but the joy of reading got me through some pretty hard times. I want my books to provide a getaway for those who need it. The thing that makes me a bit different than your normal author is that I do more than write books. I have a podcast, a blog and a YouTube channel. Why am I doing all of this, it’s because I have opinions that many need to hear. What makes my opinions so valuable, absolutely nothing I’m another voice in the crowd. The only thing that sets me apart from most people is that I want to genuinely help people. On my blog, I write about philosophy, entrepreneurship, finance and many more. I make it my goal to provide nothing but free content on my site that I refuse to run ads. There are no random popups asking you to subscribe to some newsletter in order to get a free eBook.  I just want to show people that no matter where you came from you can achieve your dreams. Just look at me I came from one of the worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn, yet I run my own company.

                                                               The blogger that's average,