Glossary for the Obscure Terms Used Throughout the Site

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A male average person. Like your average Joe but named Josh after me.


A female average person. Joshette is to Josh as Joette is to Joe. Using Josh as the base because that is my name.

Child of Self Value and Perceived Value. The way you see yourself is different than how others see you. Your total value combines the two and defines you as a person.

Using one tool in multiple scenarios in order to generate profit. An example would be paying your bills with a credit card to generate cash back and then investing the cash back into the market.

This term normally refers to a product that is a remedy to all problems but here we use it to mean shortcuts in life. An example of this would be a get rich quick scheme.

The one thing you desire above anything else. The reason you get up every day. We often refer to it as your Why.

Negative people. When you tell them your dreams they ask Why. Learned from Kevin Smith

Positive people. When you tell them your dreams the say Why Not, go for it. Also Learned from Kevin Smith.

Not having money in your wallet but you have invested in assets and you also have money saved up

No matter what you do the everything goes wrong. Basically wherever you step there is lava (problems or issues).

Hard work, hustling, making things happen. Basically going all in on your craft.

We only see the success (the tip of the iceberg) not all the work that goes into being successful (the submerged part of the iceberg).

An essential component in achieving success that is often overlooked.