Episode 57 - World of Subscriptions

     In this episode of The Books By Josh Audio Immersion, I talk about the latest business model that has taken the world by storm, subscriptions. Subscription based services may seem like a blessing at first but they are actually hurting us. We used to pay one time for music and software but that was long ago. We end up paying more at the end. Let’s learn the truth about subscriptions.

Episode 50 - Why

     For the fiftieth episode of the Books By Josh Audio Immersion, I wanted to tackle one of the most important aspects of businesses and side hustles. Your WHY aka your Mission Statement. In my blog I constantly go over this topic but I have yet to do so in my podcast. Your why determines how hard you will hustle or work in order to succeed. The only thing is that your why must be strong because if not then you wont work hard. If this sounds confusing, then make sure you listen all the way through.

Episode 49 - Customers

In this episode of the Books By Josh Audio Immersion, I tackle the topic of customers. This episode covers the broad topic of customers. I go over the definition of customers, how to please customers, how to get customers and so much more. This is a great listen for anyone starting or struggling in retail. This is advice from someone who has dealt with customers for over twelve years.

Episode 48 - The Power Of Upselling

I’ve worked in the world of retail for over ten years and I have learned many lessons through it. One of the most important lessons was the power of upselling. I didn’t get it for the first couple of years but once I did it became second nature. For those of you who don’t know what upselling is, it’s when you sell someone something higher priced or additional add on items. Upselling is important especially in the world of business and sales. In this episode, I go over the basics of upselling.

Episode 47 - Solo or Partnership

Many people struggle with the idea of starting their own side hustle or business. One of the hardest decisions is deciding to do it alone or with another person. How do I know this, because I struggled with this question in the past. In this episode, I share some insight on working solo and working in a partnership. Everything I say may not apply to you but the core concept will. Sit back and get ready to take some notes.

Episode 46 - Failure

When you search Google for the definition of failure, the first result defines it as a lack of success. I disagree with this definition because failure can be seen as a form of success. Coca-Cola was invented as a cure to morphine addiction (it isn’t). Coca-Cola is technically a failure but it’s one of the most recognizable brands in the world. In this episode, I list a bunch of my failures and how I learned from them. These stories won’t be as epic as the Coca-Cola one but you might learn something.

Episode 44 - How Am I Different Than Other Content Creators

In this episode, I compare myself to other content creators. Many people see me as another voice in an oversaturated crowd. So I decided to talk about what makes me different from everyone else. I refuse to use the normal ways to get paid from my content. How does my business make money? Listen until the end, to find out.

Episode 42 - Mindset

Your brain can be considered the most powerful organ in your body. So whenever you use it to focus, magic happens. Our brain has the power to cure illnesses with placebos. So what do you think happens if you harness the power of your brain and focus on something? You get your mindset AKA your current state. That’s what I tackle in this episode, our mindsets and how they affect us.