Books By Josh Approved Books

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey - This book is an amazing tool for getting out of debt. It has not only helped millions but it has helped my friends and even myself. I highly recommend reading this book.

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie - There is a reason why this book is always in Amazon's top 25 books. This book is amazing and will change your outlook on how you speak to people.

Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki - This was one of the first book that I read that helped mold the mentality I have now in regards to money. 

Tough Sh!t by Kevin Smith - This is essentially a biography by a fellow average Joe. Kevin Smith took his dream and followed through with it. This is a good book that shows all dreams are possible. 

Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success by Steve Harvey - This book made taught me that we all have a gift in life. This book has lots of advice that anyone can benefit from.

How To Win At The Sport of Business by Mark Cuban - This isn't a book in the traditional sense, it is a collection of Mark's blog posts. It is a quick read and I believe the information inside the pages will change your life

Sam Walton Made In America - Sam Walton is probably the greatest entrepreneur of our generation, so why not learn from him