Episode 47 - Solo or Partnership

Many people struggle with the idea of starting their own side hustle or business. One of the hardest decisions is deciding to do it alone or with another person. How do I know this, because I struggled with this question in the past. In this episode, I share some insight on working solo and working in a partnership. Everything I say may not apply to you but the core concept will. Sit back and get ready to take some notes.

Episode 44 - How Am I Different Than Other Content Creators

In this episode, I compare myself to other content creators. Many people see me as another voice in an oversaturated crowd. So I decided to talk about what makes me different from everyone else. I refuse to use the normal ways to get paid from my content. How does my business make money? Listen until the end, to find out.

Episode 42 - Mindset

Your brain can be considered the most powerful organ in your body. So whenever you use it to focus, magic happens. Our brain has the power to cure illnesses with placebos. So what do you think happens if you harness the power of your brain and focus on something? You get your mindset AKA your current state. That’s what I tackle in this episode, our mindsets and how they affect us.

Episode 25 - Don't be a Professional Meeting Goer!!!!

   I use my recent post about Jim Rohn, Network Marketing and Gary Vee's Crushing it to talk about life. Is this weeks episode amazing, not really. I'm not giving any magical advice, I'm just driving home the basics. Who is this episode for? This episode is for anyone who feels they have reached a plateau. Why, because I'm going to make you question your effort. So sit back and enjoy this episode of The Books By Josh Show.