October 17, 2016 What technology do I use on a daily basis

   So recently I have changed a couple of my tech accessories, so I have decided to update you the reader. Remember I am a tech lover/geek so you might not agree with some of my choices. So let's dive in...

   For my cell phones, I have a Nexus 6p and a Samsung Note 5 as my daily drivers. I use Google Project Fi for the Nexus and At&t for the Note 5. Since it's October this is the prime time to buy a new cellphone. I would upgrade but no phone released has that wow factor. The new Pixel XL is a nice phone but not at $869.99 for the 128gb. A lot of readers might ask why I have two different carriers, the answer is simple. One is for work and the other is for personal/business. Google Project Fi lets me pay the same rate for data in over 200 countries. 

   Another good thing about Project Fi is that it gives me a free data only sim card for my tablet. For tablets I have a total of four different ones. Each one has a different purpose but for this site and my writing I use only one of them. The tablet that I use on the go is an unlocked Galaxy Tab S 8.4.  The reason I prefer this tablet over my other three is because of the weight and size make it very portable, also the addition of a cellular antenna allows me to post without WiFi. As you can tell I am a very avid fan of android and the reason is simple, syncing. I use Google Apps for Work Suite so always in sync with the cloud. I have an IPad and have used many iIPones in the past, they have caused me to receive emails a couple of minutes late. It might not sound like a big deal, but when you are waiting for an important response time is of the essence.

   For real productivity on the go I have my trusty Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It combines a tablet and a laptop in one. One problem I have with all of my tablets is google docs is good on the go for small writing sessions, but does not work well for extended writing sessions. So the ability to use full Microsoft Office on the go is amazing. Even though tablets are great for portability, they lack true multitasking ability. The surface pro allows me to edit videos and photos on the go while ruining multiple windows at the same time. Nothing will ever replace Microsoft Outlook on a desktop, once you use it you can never go back. Other than the surface I have a desktop that i built myself, it is where I get most of my serious work done. It has three screens and top of the line components.

   There are many other devices that I own like my Canon 60D dslr, but at the moment I do not use it for this site. That's it for today's post. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment and feel free to send this post to a friend.