April 14, 2016 Change

  This post today is another post straight from the heart. The topic of today’s post is Change. I am not talking about change is a monetary sense, but change that happens to us throughout our lifetime. We get too comfortable in our current situations that even the slightest change can scare us.

  Doing network marketing for a couple of years there was one saying that was repeated over and over when talking about traditional businesses. The saying was simple, catchy but memorable “If you’re not a dot com,then you’re a dot gone.” The reason why I am bringing up this quote is because it pertains to a business changing from a traditional brick and mortar into a online store. Nine years ago I used to work for a big electronic store named Circuit City. If that name does not ring a bell it is because they are no longer in business. They attempted to change their ways but it was too little too late. Now you must be asking yourself what does this all have to do with you. The connection is very simple, if we fail to adapt to the changes that life puts our way we are doomed to fail.

  How can not adapting to a change in our everyday life lead to failure? Let us take a look at a smoker if they fail to change their smoking habit they are likely to contract a number of diseases including cancer. Before you start saying that the above example is too broad let us take a look at something that might hit closer to home. There are workers out there that have to change the way they work because of new management or a shift in the company. If they do not adapt to the new focus then they might not be with the company for much longer. It is hard to change, I still struggle to this day to change. If I don’t change for the better who will?

  If your current situation is not satisfying you, then you have to take a step back and look hard at it. Remember Albert Einstein’s famous quote “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” You will never grow if you don’t change with the times. If you try to fight the change you might end up like Palm, Circuit City, RadioShack or even The Wiz. Change can be good so try and embrace it.

                                                                                                                   Thanks for reading,