April 21, 2016 Why?

   Today's topic is very important, without it you can not succeed in almost anything. The topic of today is "why", this may sound like a simple topic but it is not. Why do we work in our current job, why do we try to better ourselves? So today I will briefly touch on our why statement.

   The "Why Statement" is another concept that I picked up from my time in network marketing. Yes, it is literally a statement explaining our "whys". The "whys" are mainly a person's reason for doing network marketing but it can be applied to almost all aspects of life. Our why is what motivates us to move forward, if you have a strong why you will give your all. If you have kids, then they are your reason for working hard. When you have a reason to succeed then you can not afford to fail. I want to issue you the reader a challenge. Write down a list of reasons why you can not afford to lose at life. After you make that list I want you to make another list, on this list I want you to write out why you must succeed in life. Even though both lists are  outlining your whys they have different answers. If I don't succeed in life then I will not be financially free. I need to succeed in life because if I don't then I can not inspire generations of people through the written word.

   Today's post is a bit short but it is a powerful one. You must weigh your actions against your cause. I am writing this blog to help my readers in any form that I can. So my actions must be able to satisfy my ambitions. All I really want to say is make sure you truly know why you put in all those hours in at the office.