April 10th 2017, One Decision Could Change Your Life

   The topic of today's post is common knowledge but many people fail to realize the importance of their decisions. Like many of my posts, this post was inspired by recent events in my life. So let's dive into this 

   While I was at work the other day, a couple of young kids came in and stole some devices. They only stole two device but the face value of the stolen goods makes it a felony. Two kids still in high school have already messed up their future for what, a cheap thrill. I never understood the reason why people shoplift. The day before the robbery I saw a man stealing candy from a variety store. The man who was stealing candy, appeared to be in his mid to late forties. Then today I had a man in his early thirties trying to commit fraud at my job.

   I know that every makes a couple of bad decisions in life but to do crimes that could result in jail time, come on. There are also people who make good decisions that change their lives. An example is me walking away from my job just so that I could focus on myself. This is a short post and I just wanted to point out the obvious. The real reason I wrote this short post is because seeing the two kids throw their futures away. The only thing that I want people to do, is to think about the consequences of their actions. So I'll catch you guys in the next one.