August 6th 2018 We All Know

   Just the other day I was sitting in my backyard and something hit me. My backyard and deck needed some work which I've known for quite some time, yet I haven't done anything about it. So get ready Joe's and Joette's for some advice and a rant all in one post.    

   So what is the actual title of this post? Today's topic is this: We all know what we have to do, yet we don't do it. This topic applies to almost any goals we set for ourselves. In the case of my backyard, I need to do the maintenance myself or pay someone to do it. I've known this for quite some time, but I haven't done any work in the backyard. I could sit here and make some excuses but truth be told it's easier to do nothing. If you listened to my recent three part podcast series then you know that starting something is hard. As humans we love doing what is easy and work isn't easy. So let's apply this to some common goals and aspirations we have as humans.

   When you ask a group of people what they want in life most will answer with a monetary goal. It can be anything from becoming rich to owning a nice house. This goal is obtainable as long as they work hard and make some smart decisions. Most of us know to attain a goal like this we would have to cut back on our leisure activities. Instead of working hard and cutting back on leisure activities most of us would sit on a couch watching TV. Josh, you can't expect everyone to work 24/7. That's true but we can't expect to succeed if we constantly put off our work. It's the same if your goal is to lose weight and get in shape then you have to do what you know is right. Don't go eat a cheesecake if you haven't exercised in a month.

   Don't worry I'm normal just like you and I have trouble doing what I know I need to do. A prime example of this would be producing content, I have different ideas on how to grow this channel yet I still haven't implemented all of them. I'm still learning how to be more productive. But that's it for this post, it was more of a wake up post to make us reflect on what actions we are taking.