March 13th 2019 What's With My Grammar


This is the post many of you have been waiting for. A post about my grammar usage throughout this site. Josh and Joshettes, get ready for one of my normal rant-style post.

So, what is my take on grammar? I use proper grammar when I work on my book but I don’t use it on my blog. Why, because I prefer to write on this blog as if I was speaking. The reason I write this way is because I feel that it’s more natural. I want my blog to reflect my personality and what better way then writing as if I was speaking to you my audience. Another great thing is I get to use my “slang/terms” to help explain my topics. But as I stated earlier, I use proper grammar on certain works such as my books. Why do I select when I want to use proper grammar? Certain bodies of work require me to be professional such as bodies of work that results in income. So, on my other pieces of content, I can be “casual” aka regular Josh. Sure I don’t curse on my podcast but in videos or certain speeches, I do curse. Some people may be put off by this but that just means my content isn’t for them. My content is unique because its told from my point of view and that’s why many people read it. I give what I believe are the cold hard facts (except when I called a professor a pianist and they reached out to me with the truth).

That’s how I produce content, but does this apply to all the aspiring writers out there? No! Each case is different and what works for me may not work for everyone. I say certain things that many people would not be able to get away with. It could be a geographical, ethical or a number of different reasons but that’s the beauty of humans. We are all different, which means everyone views the world differently. Which in turn means your content will have your own personal flair. There’s no real advice I can give here because you just need to find your own groove and go with it.

That’s literally all there is to this post. It’s a super short post but I had to do it. I know some people judge my writing because of my lack of grammar. Many new readers may never see this but at least I got it off my chest. Hope you enjoyed this post and learned why I don’t use proper grammar here.

Remember to be successful it's your right, duty, and responsibility.