May 10th 2019 Swim Like A Duck


Joshes and Joshettes, you will have fun with this post because it’s a hybrid post. Today’s post started off as a philosophy post but this post has evolved into much more. I know you’re pumped to learn from this post, so let’s dive in.

What is swimming like a duck? When a duck swims, its body above water is calm and collected whereas under water its legs are kicking like crazy. This sounds very similar to the success iceberg but it’s entirely different. This is why this post has become my first hybrid post because it covers so much. Let’s tackle the philosophy part of this saying; swimming like a duck means no matter how bad things get, you must show nothing but calmness and composure. A prime example of this was the late Robin Williams, he was always smiling and making others laugh but behind the scenes, he was suffering from depression. Swimming like a duck also appears in almost everyone’s workplace. Workplaces tell their employees to keep their personal lives at home AKA out of the workplace. That basically means no matter what you are going through at home, don’t let it show at work.

Here is the next post type this topic hits, an update post. Four days from writing this post marks the one year anniversary of my injury. Other than pain only one thing has remained constant throughout this year, worker’s compensation sucks. Whenever I tell someone that I am on workers comp, they think that I just collect a check and all my medical bills are covered. That is completely false, but I act like that’s the case. Every two weeks I receive a check but I also receive over five disputed medical bills from the insurance company. I’ve started having muscle spasms in my neck again, so I went to the doctor and scheduled an appointment to have a cortisone shot. Even though I’ve had this process done in the past, the insurance company denied my procedure and opted for a cheaper alternative. The insurance company also didn’t fully approve my therapy request. My doctor requested four weeks of therapy with three visits a week but they approve three weeks of therapy with only two visits a week. That’s only six sessions rather than the requested twelve. This doesn’t sound like much to you but this means the insurance company thinks therapy will no longer help me recover. This would be alright but I was told by my job that I can’t return to work unless I am off of light duty. With the insurance company giving up on my therapy and refusing to give me the treatments that are requested, I am lost. All this is happening under water and yet many people who I speak to daily don’t know this. Why? Because I know how to swim like a duck.

Guess what, this post is also a business post. We all know many people want to start a business or do what they love but they have something holding them back. They have these circumstances that make this decision tough. It can be a sick family member, a newborn child or lack of free time. No matter what the circumstance is these people can succeed if they do one thing, swim like a duck. Success is not determined by what has happened to you in the past but what you are currently doing in the present. Even if the client in front of you will make or break your business, don’t show it. They say dogs can sense fear, well people can sense desperation. Do you want to buy something from a salesman who is basically begging for the sale or someone who is indifferent about the sale?

I told you that swimming like a duck was powerful and now you know why. Don’t let this concept die here in this post, integrate it into your life. Take the dive and swim like a duck.

Remember to be successful it's your right, duty, and responsibility.