August 1st 2019 Another Update


Joshes and Joshettes, today’s post is a basically another update post but with a twist. Nothing major but be prepared for a rant post. So let’s dive into this post.

Gone are the days when I could walk to therapy. My worker’s comp. insurance decided to send me to a physical therapy that is nearly two hours away by train. My old therapy place was a mere fifteen-minute walk from my house. You’d think I would be mad at this, but actually, I’m not. This new therapy place does not have all the fancy equipment or staff as my old place but somehow this place delivers. The guy who runs the place has been in the business for longer than I’ve been alive (30 years) and he is old school. Why do I bring up the fact that he’s old school, well because I feel like I’m in a Rocky movie. My therapist has me working out with milk crates and garbage cans and it’s been increasing my strength. When I first walked in, I struggled to perform his exercises with 5lbs and as of today, I’m up to 20lbs. This is not to say my old therapy place was bad or to say these exercises are easy. Every time I go to therapy I work out past the point of exhaustion. My right arm is constantly shaking from fatigue halfway through the program and by the end, I can no longer lift my arm. I love working out and it broke my heart when my therapist told me that I can’t work out on my own.

Before anyone says anything, I know that I can end up injuring myself by working out especially with an injury already present. For me working out means more than getting fit, it is a way to clear my head. Working out along with walking are the only two ways I can clear my head. My mind is constantly running and I often find I hard to focus and concentrate. It’s funny because this makes reading and meditating frustratingly hard. It may be hard to understand but some of my best ideas were created during a walk or while working out. Just last week I walked 14 miles and came up with my poem the pen. You’re probably asking yourself why don’t I just walk more. Even though they have similar effects working out is still the best way to clear my head. There’s just something about working out to exhaustion and falling asleep with the bar on your neck because you can no longer lift it (this happens to me a whole lot).

Other than this new therapy place, my situation is still the same, insurance company isn’t approving my neck treatments or full salary. But what can you do, complaining won’t help so I just have to take it day by day. That’s really it for this post, I just wanted to talk about working out.