September 27th 2019, A Random Update

Joshes and Joshettes, it’s been a week since my last blog post, so I decided to put something together. I’m going to do a book review for Who Plugged Roger Rabbit tomorrow so I decided to write an update post today. This isn’t a financial or surgery update but rather a health update. If you’re interested, continue reading.

Because my doctor wrote me the wrong prescription for therapy, I have two weeks of no therapy. Knowing this I asked my therapist if I was able to work out at home. He gave me the okay and that’s what I’ve been doing, for the most part, this week. I decided that if I was going to work out, I needed to do things right, so I bought a smart scale. This may sound weird but I know how much I weigh without using a scale. Last Saturday a friend tested to see if I could accurately guess my weight and then he had me step on a scale (first time since last December) and I was only a pound off. Now if I don’t need a scale to tell my weight, why did I buy a scale? I bought a smart scale because it tracks metrics like BMI, body fat percentage and lean body mass. These metrics mean more to me than weight because everyone’s body is different so we carry weight differently. I’ve seen many people who weigh less than me yet they look bigger than me. In case you are wondering I guessed that I weighed 310lbs in the morning and the scale read 309lbs.

I know that’s a lot of weight and that’s why I want to work on it. So let’s figure out my target weight but we need some numbers. According to my scale, I have 174lbs of lean body mass which is how much I would weigh with zero fat in my body. The reason I’m bringing this up is that every health publication says a person at my height (6 feet) should weigh at max 183lbs to be considered healthy. If you look at my lean body mass and add 6% of body fat (essential body fat needed in a body), you get more than 183. If I maintain my current lean body mass and have a BMI of 18% (healthy average) I would weigh 210. That sounds like a great goal but not what I’m looking for because I plan to increase my muscle mass. Since I plan on getting stronger during my weight loss journey, I want to go down to either 250 or 225lbs. The reason I have two weight goals is because I want to first see how I look and feel at the higher weight and then take it from there. That’s a sixty-pound weight loss and when I was younger I was able to lose that much in five months. But I am definitely not following the same workout and diet plan that I did back then.

When I lost the weight at the age of twenty-two, I was doing P90X and a strict diet plan. Sure I lost a bunch of weight but when I started eating and working out like a normal person, I gained it back plus more. When you lose weight, you are supposed to create a lifestyle and that program wasn’t sustainable for me. This time I am going to use my original method which is working out twice a day for six or seven days a week, basically the Arnold Method. Through this method, I was able to increase my strength and obtain muscle definition. This is an extreme method but it’s worked for me in the past for years and I want to revisit it. If you look online at diet plans you will see programs like the Keto diet or intermittent fasting, my plan is the polar opposite because I don’t plan on dieting. I know you can’t get in shape and maintain it by exercise alone, but hear me out. I’m going to watch what I eat and eat in moderation while burning more than I intake. According to my smart scale, I need twenty-one hundred calories a day to sustain my body when inactive. Key emphasis on inactive because I am working out and going to therapy so I will need more calories than that. So how many calories am I planning to burn a day, according to my Apple Watch, I burned two thousand active calories today. Including my resting energy, I burned five thousand calories today mind you, I still haven’t worked out yet. How did I burn all those calories today? I walked over eleven miles today. Yes, I take everything to the extreme.

Now that we reached the end, you might be wondering why I wrote this post. This post serves as a form of accountability, here I am writing my current weight, my goals and my plan. I’m more than likely going to post weekly updates on Friday about my progress and if I do I will call it Fitness Fridays. Not even my own family knows what I’m doing, they think I’m trying to strengthen my shoulder. I estimate that it’s going to take me between ten months to a year to hit my goal. So buckle up and get ready for a long ride.