But Now (Poem)

Life was once vibrant, but now light is scarce

Trees used to bear fruit, but now they are baron

Bridges provided transportation, but now only ash remains

Songs used to soothe the soul, but now they enrage it

The mouth spoke the truth, but now it’s sealed

Jokes would leave smiles, but now they leave scars

Eyes saw promise, but now they see disappointment

Friends were once many, but now there aren’t any

The heart was filled with love, but not it’s empty

Shoes once saw the world, but now they see the trash

The sun used to heat my soul, but now it freezes it

Ink was used to record, but now everything is written in blood

I once had a dream, but now it’s dead

I once lived, but now I am forgotten

I was afraid of the dark, but now I am a part of it

I…………….., but now it doesn’t matter

             But Now We Are At The End