What is love? (Poem)

Your heart leaves you behind as it starts to race

The dam breaks and water gushes from your palms

You try to speak but your tongue is gone

Everything around you fades away

Your eye can only focus on the person in front of you

Time begins to slow as their gaze meets yours

Their smile brings light into the room

Shivers run down your spine as they speak

Their hand touches yours and goosebumps start to appear

Someone has robbed your mind, it's empty

You let out a cough and a few butterflies escape

Doctors call your condition as a heart attack

But you have contracted a disease,

The disease called love and there is no cure

Neither math nor science can explain it

Love is the eighth wonder of the world

Make sure you hold on to it tightly,

For if you lose it, you may never find it

Love is the pair of socks fighting to survive the washing machine called life

That's what love is.