What is love 2 (Poem)

What is love

This I do not know

I’ve asked many and still do not know

They say you know when you are in love

I’ve written about it yet I haven’t experienced it

All the text I’ve read and written are blasphemy

They say love conquers all

But logically love makes no sense

You make irrational decisions

Put others before yourself

Just to end up getting hurt

When I was a child I knew love

That knowledge was lost through the ages

As more time passes love is nothing more than a dream

Something I only see in my sleep and gone when I wake

No matter how hard I try the door to the heart is closed

The concept is simple but I cannot recreate it

I search for it but it alludes me

Thought I caught it once but it was a farce

Drew a heart but it cracked

Took a chance and lost

Is love not for all

Or am I the exception

I pose this one question for all to hear

What is LOVE?