Day 3 ........ Saturday March 19, 2016

    Do you ever find yourself looking at elderly coulles and wondering how they lasted so long together? The answer is love which can be  simple yet at the same time more complex than rocket science. As human beings we tend to "love" many aspects of our lives but do we truely love everything. Before we go further in this discussion let me clarify that this is not a post on why you should consider couples theorapy. This post is touching upon something that seems like a no brainer but almost no one is really doing it. The topic for today is doing things you love to do.

   Before everyone comes screaming at me that theres no way that my current job is my dream job and how can I love working over 60hrs a week... hold your horses. I never said anything about dream jobs thatis a post for another day, but yes I do enjoy what I currently do for a living. When you like or love what you do you feel like you have a purpose whereas I have gone to some of these stores and the employees are real life zombies. One of the cool perks of my job is that I'm able to meet someone new everyday and I've met former CEOs, proffesional atheletes, coaches and even a rocket scientist. I have some friends that make lots of money but hate what they do. I'm not trying to tell you to quit your job and join the circus, what I am recommending is finding something that you do love. It doesn't have to be a new profession, just something to look foward to at the end of the day.

   I used to work security and would do the graveyard shift midnight to eight am and sometimes I would have to do a double shift. Time truely dragged onand I was unhappy sitting in that seat waiting for my shift to end. I I would have been doing something that I love (writing), it might have saved me from binge watching friends, cheers and fraiser. When my work day starts coming to an end, I begin to think of what to write about and even though I am exhausted from working I actually have more energy writing this than I do first thing int