Day 4....... Sunday March 20, 2016

   My grandparents all immigrated to the United States of America back in the sixties. Thinking back on hard it must be to pack up and everything behind , wow that must have taken a lot of courage. As you might have guessed today's topic is courage. Courage is hard to measure but it is an essential quality that we all posses. Whether its moving to a new country or choosing  a dress to wear from prom both require courage.

   I don't know about you guys but alcohol tends to give me courage to do things that I normally wouldn't. I'm not talking about going streaking but courage to do other things such as talking to groups of the opposite sex. As I have stated before I am a bit shy but sometimes I do muster up some courage, hey I sang and danced in front of over five hundred people. But a real test of courage is following a dream and making that dream a reality. When everyone is telling you that it can not  be done and you show them different. Feats of courage that that go against the majority almost always lead to great feats of achievements.

   Like always you must be asking yourselves when was the last time I was courageous about anything. The answer like always is this blog, by pouring my heart out to you the reader I am leaving myself fully exposed. Why would I do such a thing, so that I can help some readers reading this blog. So if you want to ask that person out or ask for that raise you know you deserve, I say go for it the results might surprise you.


                                                                                                   From one courageous soul to another,