Day 7.... Thursday March 24, 2016

   Before we get started let me just apologize for not being able to post last night. Today everyone gets to learn a little bit about me. Today we will talk about my preference for reading books. Before you go complaining about that this post will not offer you anything useful hey I might surprise you. The three types of reading we will discuss are audio books, physical books and eBooks.

   Audio books are a great way to read books especially if you have a long commute. My commute to work is about 2.5hrs each way, yet I do not listen to audio books. "Wait Josh didn't you just say that audio books are perfect for those long commutes?", why yes I did but they actually don't work for me. I once tried to only do audio books only while I was a security guard. It is very hard for me to stay focused on something for an extended period of time. For everyone who enjoys audio books have you tried listening to the book on 2x speed?  The words are still audible and you cut your reading time in half.

   Physical books are my proffered method of reading when I'm lying in bed. I turn on my phone's flashlight and read in the dark, yes I am serious. The reason I read physical books while laying down is so that I won't get distracted from phone notifications. The reason that I son't read physical books on my commute is because I commute via the subway during rush hour in New York City. If you have never seen a crowded 4 train subway car just picture a two cans of sardines inside of one can. Physical books are good if you own them because you can write in the pages and put sticky notes on important pages. If I worked from home I would probably only read physical books.

   Last but not least we have my new favorite the eBook. What makes eBooks my new go-to solution is that it has cross platform sync. What is cross platform sync? Cross platform sync is when no matter what device I pick up as long as I am logged into my account it picks up where I left off. This is very important for me because I have many different devices that access my vast eBook library (one day I might do a post about it). Another reason is that I can easily use my phone on the train without inconveniencing the other riders. Since most of my books are on google I use my credits from Opinion Rewards to pay for some. Also notes automatically save to my google drive so I can always access them on the go. 

   Like I said this post listed some pros and cons of the different forms of book media and while you might not agree with me some people might actually learn something.

                                                                                                                                           Thanks For Reading,