Day 6...... Tuesday March 22, 2016

   Don't you hate when someone asks you what would you do if failing was not an option. It's a question than many motivational speakers love using in their books and speeches. I actually acted on this and did something that Timothy Ferriss preaches in the 4-Hour work week; I sent an email to someone famous that is one of the people who Influenced my life. The person I contacted was Steve Harvey.

   Don't worry this will not be a post on me trying to convince you to contact someone famous. I just wanted to actually talk about taking action despite fear. Before anyone starts saying "well Josh what do you know about fear, when have you ever experienced fear?" My answer to everyone asking the previous question my answer is everyday. We never know if today is our last day or what lies ahead, fear comes in many shapes and sizes. No matter how rational or irrational your fear is it can still affect us. Fear can be all consuming but being fearful can actually benefit you. My boss brought up a story about his nephew and how he taught him how to drive on the highway. His nephew who once feared the highway fell in love with driving once overcoming his fear.

   I am by no means an expert on helping people overcome their fears, but I am doing my best to over come my own fears. As I stated in an early post I am a shy person but yet I have sung and danced in front of over five hundred people. What made everything worth it was being able to overcome my fear even though it was only for four minutes. One day soon I will be able to have less fears than I do at this moment but until that day comes I will enjoy overcoming my fears little by little. 


Beneath is word for word what I emailed Steve Harvey. Hope you enjoy.... Josh 



   First of all sorry for calling you by your first name in case it offends you. Back in my senior year of high school I had the pleasure of meeting you after a variety show you put on In Brooklyn Technical high school when you were principle for a day. I was not just part of the audience but I actually managed to sneak back stage and shake your hand and ask for a piece of advice. You told me to never give up on my dream and to never quit.
   A couple of months I found myself in a bit of a slump and began reading one of your books... Act like a success, Think like a success. The amount of information that I was able to gain from your novel was tremendous. Your book inspired me to pursue one of my own dreams which is to become a writer. So I recently started my own blogging site. I'm not going to bore you with trying to self-promote, that is not what this email is about.  
   I just wanted to ask you a question or rather for a tip as I did back in 2007. The question is 'What is it that keeps you going even though you are essentially at the top?' Might sound like something that not many people would care about but it intrigues me.
   If this actually reaches you and if you make it all the way to the end, then thank you. Continue being you because you are amazing.