Day 10 ...... March 29, 2016

   Following with the theme of  yesterday's post,  today will be another post on a classic saying. The saying that I want to touch on today is 'It is not what you say but how you say it.' Just so you know it is totally what you say and how you say it they are both as important. Before you go off stating that if its a saying it must have some truth to it, look at 'Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me'. Sticks and stones is dated as are most cliche sayings. But these saying still hold some truth today.

   It is always important to stay mindful of what you say to people. If you say something offensive no amount of sugar coating can change what you said to something pleasant. If you see a heavy set person and walk up to them and say why are you fat, you might get punched in the face. Since I have been in the retail industry for almost ten years I know some of the things you are not allowed to say. Calm down is on the top of the list of what not to say to a customer. Like I said I have ten years of experience talking to people face to face in a retail environment, learning to pick the right words takes time.

   How you say it plays a big role in a bunch of different things in life. Think about that job interview you were sure that you said all the right things but didn't get the job. Now try and replay the interview in your head but take notice of how you said most of your answers. A person's tone and body language can say something different than what is actually being said. Think about when you are talking to someone and they aren't really interested in what you are saying, they are giving signs unconsciously that they want no part in the conversation. Another part of how you say something is your tone. Are you empathizing with the person or are you being condescending? Make note on if you are elevating certain parts of the sentence because that can make you seem uncertain. Just remember words when spoken take on a whole new meaning  depending who is speaking them. 

                                                                                                    Thanks for reading,