Day 11 ...... March 30, 2016

   Don’t you love it when a person tells you time equals money. A simple saying that does not hold true, because time is worth more than any monetary value. Time is one of the most valuable resource that we have and it is very limited.

  It’s funny that the reason that I am writing about time is because of the apple commercial with Cookie Monster. If you have not seen the commercial it is just showing off SIRI (apple’s virtual assistant) by using the timer function. I find the commercial comical because he is complaining how time is moving too slow. The reason I laugh at this is because time is something that once lost it can never be recovered. Have you ever spoken to someone who has been at working at the same place for over 15 years. I am 90 percent certain that they will tell you they do not know where the time went.

  The neighborhood where I work is home to an older crowd. Whenever I ask for a small bit of advice they all tell me the same thing…. “Don’t get old.” You might think that this is just a joke that everyone older uses, but it isn’t. My interpretation of the saying is basically to cherish your youth while you have it because it doesn’t last forever. Even though it feels like I haven’t been at my current job for that long I have been here for three years. If you don’t manage your time you will be left behind, but that is a post for another day.

                                          Thanks for reading,