Day 16 ......... April 11, 2016

  Stress. One word that brings only negative images to the minds of the masses. The reason why I am choosing to write about stress today is because we all deal with it daily. Stress is not always bad and sometimes can actually be beneficial.

  Before you stop reading because you think that I am making things up, just hear me out. When a person is given a deadline that seems nearly impossible, they somehow make the deadline. The reason for their achievement is the stress of failing makes them work twice as hard in order to prevent failing. I remember talking myself out of a situation that required I hand in a term paper that second. I was given three hours to write a five page paper that I had not begun or researched. The result was a six page paper that I was praised for writing.

  The above story is just showing what I was capable of when I was stressed about making a deadline. Failure was not even a thought in my head because that would result in me not being able to graduate. Stressing over uncontrollable aspects of our lives is meaningless. For weeks I was stressed over a corporate visit and it was all for nothing. The visit came and went without a an issues and will happen again next quarter. Use stress to your advantage, I was stressed about my debt so I began tackling it. Don’t let stress hurt you instead let it help you.

                                                                                                          Thanks for reading,