Day 15 ....... April 6, 2016

  Today’s blog post is going to be a bit different, because I was not planning on touching this topic at all. But now I feel obligated to blog about it because of events that have recently unfolded in my life. The topic that I am referring to it fate. Don’t confuse fate with faith because fate doesn’t have to involve religion.

  The main reason that I am starting to believe in fate is because all the pieces of the puzzle seem to fit. Just recently I posted that I had recently paid off a credit card balance of six thousand. I have had that credit card for eight years and paid it off in a little under a year. Once that card was paid off I was looking for inspirational youtube videos. I came across a youtube video featuring Jim Carrey in which he spoke of fate. He wrote a check for 10 million dollars and put it in his wallet and said he would be able to cash it in three years. Right before the deadline was up he landed a part in Dumb and Dumber with a payday of 7 million. If you want something bad enough you WILL get it.

  In my case I asked for motivation and received it, so of course I asked for more. To my surprise I received the answer I was looking for on twitter of all places. The answer this time came from Tony Robbins and his podcast that happened to come out on the same day that I asked for guidance. So at that point in time I was two for two and decided to try my luck one more time. Sent one text out and received a response that I was not expecting. That response made me three for three in asking for something and receiving exactly what I had asked for. Listen I am not saying that your results will be exactly the same. All I am saying is ask the universe for something and see if it responds.