Day 14 ...... April 3, 2016

  Do you sometimes find it hard to stay on topic? No matter how hard you try to accomplish a task it seems nearly impossible to succeed. How about every time you take one step forward you are forced to take three steps back. If the above statements perfectly describe you then I have one question for you….. Are you doing the “right” things to help you achieve your goal?

  Josh what do you mean by the “right” things, I’m talking about activities that propel you towards your goals. It’s actually easier for me to tell you some the “wrong” things that might be keeping you from your dreams. The internet, yes the internet is one of the biggest obstacles keeping us from our dreams. How can the internet be an obstacle, well if you don’t use it correctly it will become a distraction. Instead of using it as a tool to achieve our dreams we use it to distract ourselves and make time pass. Just think back and try to remember when you actually only watched ONE Youtube video or ONE item on Netflix. My point exactly whether it's facebook, emails or cat videos most of us are not using the internet to better ourselves.

  Don’t worry I’m not going to turn this blog post into a five page rant about how you must stay focused on your goal no matter what. We all know what is not helping us achieve our goals, yet most of us do not know what actually helps us reach our goals. You can still go on YouTube but instead of watching a cat video watch a video that will show you something beneficial. Make the best use of your resources while you still have them.


                                                           Don’t let your dreams stay dreams,