July 12th 2016, We are spoiled

  Today’s post is going to be about an interaction I had today with a customer. The customer came in and spoke with me about a documentary they were working on, it was actually pretty interesting. The star of the film was a young boy from South Africa that loved to dance. After hearing the boy's story, I realized how good we have it as Americans.

  In today's society, the average American whines and complains about any little thing. We as American's are spoiled and we have spoiled our children. There is no reason that kids should be posting “FML!!! My parent's got me the wrong colored IPhone for Christmas. I'm going to break it so they have to buy me the right one.” This is an actual post that a child made and there's thousands more just like it. This little boy from South Africa has never owned a cellphone or even an ipod. He was given a cracked iPhone 4 ( a device that is 6 years old) and cherishes it. He is not complaining about the color or the fact that it is cracked because he knows that it is not a necessity but merely a luxury. It's not only in technology that we are spoiled, think of fashion. I hate it when I see someone wearing a pair of “designer” jeans that have holes in them. Someone taking a pair of jeans and cutting holes in them does not justify it costing a couple of hundred dollars. I was shown pictures of this boy wearing normal jeans, his expression was priceless. It was his first time wearing blue jeans and he was modeling them in the mirror. The jeans did not cost much and didn't have any big branding or holes in them, yet they brought joy to this child.

  Before you go off saying that we can't compare American kids to this child from a third world country, stop just stop. Where he lives there is no electricity and his grandmother has to buy prepaid electricity cards. Most people lose their minds when there is no wifi, imagine what they would do if they didn't have any electricity. This young boy is forced to live with his five other sibling in his grandmother's two bedroom house because his mother is a drug addict. His grandma sells homemade donuts to make ends meet. One day a woman purchase from her and seconds later a drug dealer who was waiting in line picks up this women and uses her as a human shield. Why you might ask, it’s because a rival drug dealer decided to do a drive by shooting to try and kill the man on the line. These are the conditions that this boy lives in, yet he is still able to smile and chase his dream. What's your excuse?

  The reason I wrote this post today is not to make anyone feel bad for this boy. Don't pity him, instead learn from him. His situation is much worse than most of ours and he doesn't complain about it. There has been many cases of police killing civilians and instead of peaceful protesting, people are killing cops. Stop trying to justify your actions with wrongs that are happening elsewhere. Look at the Trayvon Martin riots, people decoded to use his case to riot and loot. Two wrongs don't make a right!!!