July 9th, Let's Start Reading Again

   These past couple of days have made me question society. You might be thinking what is making me lose faith in society. Mobile phone games, everywhere I turn someone is on their phone playing a game. The reason that this is grinding my gears, is due to the fact that no one is reading anymore.

  As a little experiment I want you the reader to ask ten people a question. Ask them when was the last time they read a book. Some of the people that I have asked have stated that the last billion they read was in college. When I hear that people don't read, my heart skips a beat. Knowledge is power, if we are not learning then we are not growing. After we graduate from school, we have no one to teach us about the many trials life puts us through. That's where good come in, there is almost one book per subject. There's even books that teach a craft, like all the for dummy books.

  Listen, I’m not trying to say that you can't enjoy your commute. All that I am saying is we are throwing away valuable time. So many people spend their work down time on social media and games that it outweighs the time they spend actually working. Everyone always says they hate their job or they want more pay yet, they don't attempt to aquire a new skill set. I'm not saying that reading will solve all your problems, but it can help in many ways. People sometimes turn to alcohol or drugs to escape reality and these substances can have bad side effects or even cause death. You can read a nice fiction book and escape reality that way, worst case scenario you dislike the book or it leaves you craving more. So read a book and feel free to let me know how it went.