July 9th If You Fear It, It Will Grow

    Joe's and Joette's you are in for another special post. Today's post is inspired by an episode of a tv show. So let's find out if we are able to learn anything from television.

    So what show did this quote come from? It came from the show Wahlburgers and it was said by Donnie Wahlberg. He used this saying to describe a situation with his brother Paul and a jingle gag they were running on him. His brother Paul hated the idea of a jingle and the more he was opposed to it the worse the jingle situation became. Sounds like a funny episode but this concept can be applied to anything we fear and even Patrick Bet-David talked about this. The more we fear something the bigger it will get.

   This quote is pretty confusing so let me try my best to explain it. If there is something in life that we fear, then our minds will make it into something bigger than it actually is. For example if you are afraid of heights, then being up ten feet on a ladder will look scarier than some one who isn't afraid of heights. Your mind will change how you perceive the view. If you are afraid of flying then any little noise you hear in a plane will make you jump. I know right now many readers are thinking that this sounds nice in theory but how can we get over our fears. You face them!

    If you are a long time reader of the site then you probably read the post I did about public speaking. By nature I am very shy and I had a fear of public speaking. Whenever I would stand in front of my class for speech class my hands will start sweating and I would get nervous. After watching countless people preform in front of groups of people I noticed something. The worst thing that would happen to a bad speaker is no feedback from the audience. They could only bomb that's it. There was nothing to be afraid of, my mind made me scared for no reason. Once I understood that my mind made my fears seem worse then they were as a safety feature: I learned to look at fears differently. Most fears are just things that make us a bit uncomfortable.

    Now don't get me wrong it's okay to fear certain things such as war, death and guns. The main thing to take away from this post is to not let your fears grow out of proportion.