June 5th, 2017 The man who sleeps on the floor can never fall out of bed

     In one of my last days at work, I heard a great philosophy quote from a TV show. The quote was, The man who sleeps on the floor can't fall out of bed. Sounds like a dumb quote but it actually means a whole lot to me. Just so you know, this quote came from the show Martin. So like always let's dive in.

     Like any other philosophy quote, we can't fully understand the quote by just reading it. The way I translate the idea of sleeping on the floor as hitting rock bottom. If you are sleeping on the floor in modern day it likely means that you can not afford to sleep in a bed. The second part of the quote essentially means to me, once you're at your lowest you can't go any lower. All of the little things that we used to stress about, no longer affect us the same way. Why you might ask, well it's because you have bigger things to worry about.

     What kind of Books by Josh post oils this be if I didn't relate this quote to myself or someone I know. I've theoretically slept on the floor and let me tell you it's hard. There's no guarantee of rising back up by doing the same things as you previously did. You are forced to shift your focus onto solving the biggest problem of the bunch. You obtain a drive that no one can put out. You stop stressing falling out of bed, basically things that used to get you riled up. In my case when I quit my job as a manager to pursue my own endeavors I stop worrying about all of my friends' problems. I used to always take their problems as my own. This was great for them but bad for my productivity. When I was "sleeping on the floor" I had to focus on getting my butt off the floor. I focused soo much on writing my book that I didn't answer my phone for anyone while I was writing. By the way, I was writing for 16hrs straight each day.

     Why is it that we wait until we hit rock bottom to stop stressing the little things? I'm seriously asking here because it's mind boggling how we worry about the little things that are unimportant. Why should we worry about the NBA finals, whoever wins will not affect us in any real way? Unless you are an owner of the team or work for the organization, then don't focus on it. Focus on making sure that you never have to sleep on the floor. It shouldn't take hitting that point to motivate you to only focus on the things you can control. Like I said, I was the same way. The only reason that I changed was because I no longer had a guaranteed source of income. That forced me to bring out my best, this is something that is pretty simple to explain. If I didn't hustle, then I didn't eat. At the time of writing this post, I have walked away from my current job in sales. Why you might be asking, well for that answer you have to stay tuned for the next episode of The Books by Josh Show. If you enjoyed this post feel free to let me know. So like always, I'll catch you guys in the next one.