January 11th 2019 Changing up my Blog Endings

Josh and Joshettes we are changing it up again. How? I’m literally writing a post about changing the words I end my blog post with. Why? Because I have no idea what else to talk about today other than this.

For the past couple of months, I have been ending most of my posts with the iconic “Make it Happen”. This is a saying that I “borrowed” from my good friend L. L is one of my more successful friends and I often ask them for advice. Every time I speak with L, they end the conversation with “Make it Happen”. So last Sunday I told them that I’ve been using that to close out my blog posts and to my surprise, L gave me a more powerful saying. Remember to be successful it's your right, duty, and responsibility. Powerful, isn’t it?

So like always let’s break down what it truly means. Success is not only something that happens externally, it is something that must also occur internally. Haven’t you heard about the winner’s mindset? The way our brains see the world can affect us. Which is why yesterday, I was listening to a talk that Marisa Peer gave on rewiring our brains. What is brain rewiring, it’s when you change the way you view yourself, other people or the world. In this talk the main words used for this rewiring are “I am enough”, these three words turn into a mantra of sorts. By constantly seeing and saying the words throughout the day, your brain starts to rewire itself. That’s the power of a Mantra. Why am I bringing up the topic of a Mantra? Remember to successful it’s your right, duty and responsibility is essentially a Mantra. By constantly hearing and reading that statement, will make you question your views on success. Most people have preconceived notions on how people became successful. Success doesn’t care about your background it only cares about the work you put in.

The thing I like about this Mantra is the last two parts. Success is your duty and responsibility, this makes you take ownership. We are the only ones who are responsible for our success. Once you fully understand this you start viewing the world differently. Instead of binge-watching that new show on Netflix you decide to read a book for three hours straight. You begin to manage your time better and thus become more productive. That is the point of this mantra to make you question yourself and your views. That’s why I decided to write this post, to basically introduce you the reader to Mantras. So you have been warned on how I will be ending each of my posts.

Remember to be successful it's your right, duty, and responsibility.