January 17th 2019 Getting Your Hands Dirty

Josh and Joshettes get ready for a post that is inspired by a cut on my right index finger. So how does a cut on my finger lead to a blog post? Read to find out but be warned, this post is jam-packed with my personal life experiences.

So how did I cut my finger? Less than two days before writing this post, I was standing I the middle of a construction site. Josh, why were you in a construction site, aren’t you injured? Yup, I am injured but I was still at the construction site making some moves. The owner of the construction company was knee deep in crumbled bricks. Even though he was a business owner, he was acting like one of the workers. He was not afraid to get his hands dirty and that inspired me to help out. While holding a garbage bag, a shovel clipped my finger. So now whenever I look at the scab on my finger I will remember one thing, you have to get your hands dirty.

Let me start by saying that getting your hands dirty doesn’t mean to literally get them dirty. It is said that business owners must wear different hats, meaning they must be able to take on different roles. This is especially true in small businesses. You need to be able to do every possible job because if you aren’t able to, then what will you do if one of your workers calls out. Many of you reading this might not be business owners, so how this apply to you? You can’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do what has to be done. Some people let their pride dictate what they can and can’t do. If that’s you, then I can tell you that you will have issues in attaining success. I have no problem getting my hands dirty, don’t believe me then read on.

There were many occasions where I took on jobs that many would consider beneath me. After being let go after five years from a Fortune 500 company, I hit rock bottom. In order to make ends meet, I had to sell everything that I held dear. I sold my gaming system, my headphones, my camera and even my car. After I ran out of things to sell I had to get a job. Unfortunately, no one told the universe that I needed a job because I didn’t get one. I used the last couple of dollars in my account to get a security guard license. After I had my license, I used my '“connect” to get an interview. This interview was for a part-time job in Yankee Stadium and I was told I was overqualified and I was sent to the Brooklyn office. I then was sent to interview for a position inside of a school for a couple of dollars less an hour than what I used to make. They hired the guy wearing jeans with boots, so I became what is called a floater. I was always on call waiting to cover another guard’s shift. I worked in schools, warehouses, parking lots and banks. I did this for a month before landing a location. I was placed in a building and given the graveyard shift. In most jobs, you get paid more for working the graveyard shift, not this job. I was making exactly what I was making out when I graduated High School. I had no lunch breaks, no benefits and no reliable co-workers. What do reliable co-workers have to do with anything, well they often didn’t come in so I had to stay and work their shift. Sixteen-hour shifts nearly every day with no breaks. I did this for about six months.

Don’t worry that wasn’t the only time I got my hands dirty. After I quit my job in 2017, times were though again. My father had gotten injured, my old job was too far away for me to commute and I was taken to court over a bad debt. I downloaded an app on my phone and I attempted to deliver food. I was told by someone that they were making between five to seven hundred dollars a week, delivering food by foot. So I did it for three days and made about sixteen dollars and that’s before taxes. I spent more on water transportation and food than I made delivering food. So I tried drop shipping, selling on eBay, subscription services, freelancing and content creating for others. I went from plan A all the way to plan Z. Before my savings dried up I took a manual labor job. I often tell people that I live my life with no regrets but that is a lie! So far I only have one regret in life and that is taking that job. Why because I swore to myself that this job was only temporary and yet I never tried to leave until it was too late. After working at the job for eight months, I tore my right labrum and rotator cuff. And now eight months later I’m finally getting surgery to fix it.

Josh your story has no happy ending, you got your hands dirty for no reason. Of course, my story doesn’t have a happy ending and that’s because it’s not over yet. Each day is a new page in the book titled my life. Even after all of the bad experiences, I would still jump at any opportunity that requires getting my hands dirty, why? There are two reasons, the first being the simple fact that it builds character. Secondly, how can you tell someone to do a job if you haven’t or can’t do that job yourself? That is why I think managers who move up in the company make better leaders than managers who come in from different companies.

The entire purpose of this post was to show that you can’t always be picky with how you pay your bills. There is no shame in working two jobs, heck I worked two jobs and did network marketing on the side. Sometimes you have to jump into a dumpster in order to make room for more garbage (I’ve done this many times). You just have to roll with the punches and get up each time life knocks you down.

Remember to be successful it's your right, duty, and responsibility.