March 21st 2019 I'm Staring At A Blank Paper


Josh and Joshettes I’ve been sitting here for a half an hour staring at a blank sheet of paper. So today’s post is not a metaphor for anything, this is a post about what is currently happening to me. So like always let’s dive in.

Staring at the same blank page for thirty minutes may sound like a waste of time but I can assure you it is a huge waste of time. I could have tried to make it sound productive but I honestly wasted half an hour and accomplished nothing. I actually wrote a couple of lines onto the paper but I deleted all of them because it didn’t sound right to me. I am of course referring to a chapter in the book I am currently writing. The funny thing is I don’t even have writer’s block, I know where I want the story to go. I just can’t find the words that express the situation as I see it inside my head. Welcome to the problems of an author. Don’t worry there is a solution, I just need to write more. Hence this post.

I went into my notes and saw all of my possible topics and 95% of them were philosophy teachings. Since I did a philosophy post the other day, I decided to talk about my current situation. Earlier this morning I went to the doctor and was told I needed another month to recover. That actually both helps and hurts me because I have less income coming in but I have more time to write. My goal is to have a new book fully written by May twentieth. Since the deadline is two months away I need to spend more time writing chapters. Which believe it or not, is harder than writing blog posts or producing podcasts. I can not write as I speak because I have to get “into character” which means I have to write as if I was the character. I also have to write back story, backgrounds, and actual scenes. As I stated above the best way to help me write this book is to write more than I normally do. Which means I have a plan that might sound stupid but should work.

I write two books at the same time. Yup, you heard me right, I work on two entirely different books at the same time. One of the books is written in a style that I am used to while the other is in an entirely new style (hence why it’s so hard to write). I am more motivated to write the book that is written in a new style, it’s just more difficult to get the words to flow. The book that is in my old style is easier for me to write because the words flow easier. So, my plan is to switch between the two while writing once I become bored/stuck. Sounds like a lot of work but let me try it for a while and see what happens. The name of the game right now is content and I just need to put out more.

Remember to be successful it's your right, duty, and responsibility.