March 25th 2019 Appreciation

What’s going on Josh and Joshettes? I am currently writing this post from a hospital waiting area. Why it’s a long story but it’s the inspiration for today’s post. So, let’s get started with today’s post.

What does a hospital waiting area have to do with appreciation? Nothing at all, but it gives you time to think and as we know this is a bad thing. Once you are alone with nothing to do you start thinking, just like when you go to the bathroom and forget your phone. If you think about it, hospitals are places where life begins and ends. Someone can appear normal one day and the next day they might be gone. So that’s why we need appreciation in our lives. We need to appreciate what we have because we could lose it all without realizing it. (Don’t worry this is more than a post about death)

So the first thing I have to talk about here is health. Many of us take our health for granted mind you this is coming from someone who did not appreciate their health. Since my injury, I’ve been wishing to have my health back. My therapy this morning killed my shoulder and I can not lift my arm up and this was never a thing. I don’t have it as bad as others either, take my father as an example. He is now disabled after his surgery and can’t even bathe himself. Like I said earlier we never appreciate our health and take it for granted. So Josh, tell me how can I appreciate my health? You can exercise, eat the right foods, basically take care of it. You may call me crazy (especially since we can tell I haven’t been doing this) but our body is our temple. I’m not talking spiritually here, our stomach controls soo many things, that the food we ingest can actually hurt us. I’m not a certified dietitian or doctor I’m just giving my two cents. Once you lose your health it’s hard to get it back, so you might as well try to maintain it. I was injured on May 14th, 2018, over ten months ago and therapy, pills, steroids, and surgery still haven’t been able to get my arm back to 50%. Sucks right, so appreciate your health.

If you are a long time reader you know my views on greener grass on the other side. It’s not always greener and many of us do not realize this. As you probably guessed, this paragraph is about appreciating where you currently are in life. I know that some of us may hate where we currently are but it can be worse. I remember a time when I was at a job for nearly five years and hated it. I was passed over for a promotion and I couldn’t wait to leave. Do you know what happened? The universe gave me what I asked for, I got let go from that job. I lost a job that offered benefits a 401k and a decent salary and do you know what I received in return, no income or benefits. Like I said we must appreciate where we currently are no matter how bad it is because it could always be worse. Josh, my situation is bad because this, that, and the third, hey at least you’re not dead. That’s basically how you appreciate your situation, you stop complaining and take some actions. Look for the good things and focus on that and work to make your life better.

Josh, you’ve talked about appreciating our health and our situation, is there anything else that we should appreciate. The final thing that we need to appreciate is our loved ones. I don’t have a personal story in this regard but the movie The Mule is a perfect example of this. SOME SPOILERS. In the movie, Clint Eastwood tells Bradley Cooper that he regretted not spending time with his family. Because of this, he hadn’t spoken to his daughter in over twelve years. He decides to defy his bosses and spends time with his ex-wife while she is on her death bed. That shows that we need to appreciate our loved ones. END OF SPOILERS. If you didn’t read the spoilers I have another way to explain it. Tony Robbins, the life coach/guru, coaches many people and deals with divorced couples. He tells people how to avoid divorce, treat the love as if it were new. Do things that you would at the beginning of the relationship, such as smiling when taking out the trash and buying them roses. I’m no relationship expert but if the highest paid motivational speaker is talking about appreciating your loved one then it’s important. Appreciate your loved ones in whatever way you feel fit. Just don’t wait until it’s too late.

That’s basically it for this post. I could have written more but have been running and out of hospital rooms. So what you should take away from the post is to appreciate what you have and who you are. Be humble and enjoy life.

Remember to be successful it's your right, duty, and responsibility.