August 28th 2019, Let’s learn about Average


Joshes and Joshettes, it’s Wednesday so let’s talk philosophy. Today’s post comes to us by way of M. H. Alderson. No clue what the M. H. stands for but that doesn’t take away from how powerful it is. So get ready to learn.

“If at first, you don’t succeed, you are running about average.” You may have to read this teaching multiple times to understand it. This meaning translates to everyone fails whenever they try something. This is common sense; however, we as humans often forget this. Whenever we try something and fail at it we often become disappointed or depressed and we give up. The first day I rode a bicycle, I hit a fire hydrant. But guess what, I now know how to ride a bike. Heck, the first time I got on a motorcycle, I totaled it and still, I learned how to ride it. You can learn two things from those two stories, it’s okay to fail and that I should stay away from two-wheel vehicles.

When I wrote my first book, I expected to sell a bunch of copies and build some sort of following. That didn’t happen but that didn’t stop me from writing and working on more content. I’m an average indie writer, and that’s alright. My goal was never to become the next Stephen King but rather to just make enough from my writing to live. If you want to apply this teaching to your goals you must remember to be realistic. Sure you can make it big, but don’t focus only on that. When we focus on a big goal rather than smaller goals we give up faster after failing. Having smaller goals and knowing that everyone fails go hand in hand in succeed at anything. People hate the term average but sometimes it’s the perfect place to be. This blog was built for the average by an average person, I even have it on my business card. Don’t worry about failing and just make your dreams come true.