May 31st 2019, Jim Rohn’s Take On Work


Joshes and Joshettes, this post is a bit weird because it’s a breakdown of an audio clip. At three am this morning, I had just finished reading a book and decided to listen to some audios online. I settled on a fifteen minute clip about time management by Jim Rohn. Rather than time management, I learned some good work ethics. So, get ready to learn from an audio I listened to at three am.

Before I can talk about Mr. Rohn’s take on work, I have to tell you who he was. Jim Rohn was a motivational speaker who mentored Tony Robbins. I’ve written posts in the past that were inspired by Mr. Rohn such as his saying, watch your coffee. Yes, his sayings are a bit wacky but they are very insightful. In the audio, I picked up three key points. The first key point is “When you work, work, When you play, play.” It’s a simple saying but one that holds a wealth of knowledge. Mr. Rohn wants you to understand that work is meant to be done during working hours and at an office or place of work. Play is your free time/ family time, so don’t let your work seep into your personal life. If you go on vacation think twice before bringing your laptop with you. I’ve actually been doing the opposite and I can tell you it is not productive. I know many of you have a “side hustle” but that doesn’t mean you cannot take advantage of this saying. Make a schedule and a small work area and only work on your hustle during these hours and in that area. This way you can work without distractions and keep from affecting others.

The second key point in the audio was, “Don’t play at work.” This sounds similar to the previous saying but it’s actually different. This saying defines itself, play is not allowed at work. Think about your normal workday, how many hours are spent on social media, watching videos or talking at the water cooler. I know the classic saying “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy,” but that’s not talking about in the workplace. In order to be productive, we have to cut out distractions and do actual work. It’s fine to take breaks every now and then but we can’t make it a habit. Let’s take use my work as an example, when I’m writing I tend to get sidetracked by videos playing in the background. Sure most of the videos I play in the background are motivational or business related but they would still make me lose focus on what I was working on.

The final key point in the audio was “All work is good.” I saved this point for last because it is by far the most powerful of the three. This is something that everyone needs to hear especially those who are creatives or have side hustles. I never wanted to work on my book unless I was in top form aka writing pure gold (which was never). After reading a book on writing, I learned it’s best to write every day even if it’s not my stuff because I can always go back and edit it. Each day you put in some work, the closer you are to achieving your goal (the closeness of achieving your goal is relative to the quality and amount of work you out in). Think about if you want to lose weight or get in shape, just by doing the bare minimum you will be healthier than the person who does nothing.

That’s it for this post, a bit short but packed with information. Let me know in the comments, what your favorite key point was.

Remember to be successful it's your right, duty, and responsibility.