Day 5....... Monday March 21, 2016

   Actors are paid lots of money to put on a facade and we all pay to see it. Hey I'm not bashing fiction ( I am a fiction writer) all I am saying is would you pay the same amount of money to see the actor just be themselves. Who am I kidding look at how many people turn into to Keeping up with the Kardashians. Today's topic for discussion has nothing to do with the entertainment industry but rather than your own individuality. 

   Most of us tend to act differently depending who we are with, don't worry I do it to. There is nothing wrong with that remember you do not talk to your grandparents as you do with your best friend. The main problem that I notice is that some people tend to change who they are because of the "social norm". But Josh everyone will treat me differently or even shun me. I'm not going to lie but there are some people in my life that I no longer associate with because of their negative views on who I truly am. If someone can not accept you for what you are then there is a problem. So many motivational speakers always bring up the dash, do you know what the dash is? The dash is what separates your date of birth from you date of death. The reason I'm bringing this up because what matters 100% is what you do in your time on this planet.

   I'm not saying to make your imprint on this earth by running for president or anything (unless that is your dream, then go for it). What I am trying to say is to make in this world we have to be who we were destined to become. None of us have immortality so why waste what little time we have catering to someone else's will. Just because that person is happy are you? Are you happier being yourself or as an actor changing who you are to make the audience laugh at you? Remember the saddest face is the one behind the clown's mask.

                                                                                                                                                     Stay true to yourself, your friend....