February 3rd 2019 My Surgery and Recovery


Josh and Joshettes, it’s been a little over two weeks since my last post. Will you learn anything from this specific post? Probably not, but I felt like writing, so here we are.

Let me start this post by addressing the elephant in the room, what happened to all my posts. The date of my surgery was two weeks away which meant I couldn’t use any of my medications. I worked up until the day before my surgery. So every day, when I reached home I was both in pain and exhausted. The only thing that soothed me was sleep and sleep I did. Let’s fast forward to the day of the surgery. I couldn’t sleep so I broke night. The person who was supposed to take me to the surgery canceled on me. Since my surgery was one state over, I had to take an Uber. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30 am and at 1 pm I was arriving home in an Uber. Yup, that’s right I took two Ubers and paid nearly $200 just to get to the place and back.

So does that mean that I am already up and running? Nope, I’m actually in more pain now than I ever was before the surgery. Right now I have limited use of my right arm, I can’t even use a mouse. The pills they gave me help somewhat but they also put me to sleep. Why am I telling you this? Because writing this post took a lot of work. I ended up using my laptop as a desktop because I need multiple monitors. I am typing all of this with one hand and a lot of pain. I don’t have to make a post but I want to write this because we are a community. I share my experiences with everyone because someone might be going through the same thing. So if I can make it through this then you can definitely do it.

So how long will it take me to recover? No idea. My first follow up appointment is this Friday. From what I read online, it can take up to a year to gain back full access of my arm. So the only thing I can do is wait, so wait I shall.

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